Customer Profile People Silhouettes (PPT icons clipart)


17 flat icons (12 slides)

Package description

This is an editable PowerPoint graphic set of client profile and customer segmentation icons. We designed this set as formal flat images that are style-neutral. You can copy and reuse those simple people silhouettes into any other presentation. Those icons are great tool to represent visually your sales avatars or illustrate customer opinions such as NPS score:

  • Customer demographic age and gender segments: children, seniors, man, woman ...
  • Client Judgement: Approving, Disapproving, Puzzled ...
  • Customer Opinions: What he thinks, says, wants.
  • Use examples: market segmentation, market share, polls infographics ...
  • Editable color, filling and size in PowerPoint (vector format)


17 editable icons of various customer demographic profile, actions and opinions. Suitable for

  • customer analysis presentations
  • market research studies
  • customer survey reports
  • customer segmentation analysis
  • client opinion studies

Package content - people pictogram cliparts:

  • Customer demographic age segments:
    • Children ( school age boy and girl icons ),
    • Youth ( teenager boy and girl icons),
    • Adults ( productive age man and woman ),
    • Senior, Retired ( elder man and elder woman )
  • Customer Attitudes: Puzzled client, Approving and Disapproving, Thinking person with an idea
  • Opinions of a customer: Illustrating with speech bubbles what client thinks, says, wants.
  • Usage examples:
    • Market share of ecommerce between men and women customers.
    • Data usage chart by different age groups
    • Statistics of text messaging in different age groups
    • Schema illustration of problem solving

All pictures are fully editable in PowerPoint, Excel or Word 2007, 2010 and newer MS Office. You can easily

  • change contour color of the icon
  • change color of the icon filling
  • add shadows
  • change shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • put shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.


  • infoDiagram's contributing partner Oliwer Hawlicki
  • Contact: here

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