Handwritten Symbols - Ink style (PPT icons & clipart)


113 shape icons (27 slides)

Package description

Editable graphical elements for PowerPoint - handwritten symbols and shapes

  • 33 symbols: people, pictograms, charts
  • 80 shapes: arrows, circles, blocks, rectangles with text
  • 13 usage examples of schemas and diagrams
  • fully editable style, size and color in PowerPoint (vector format)

Handwritten symbols and shapes for enhancing PowerPoint presentations
  • to illustrate slides by adding pictograms
  • to underline text
  • to create schemas, diagrams, process views
  • symbols and pictograms: people, OK sign, idea - lightbulb, goals - bullseye, flipchart, PostIt memo, comparisons, trends, charts, threats - lighting, service - key, house, factory, magnifier, process - gearbox
  • shapes: arrows, cycles, circles, 2D and 3D blocks for block schemas, rectangles with text
  • usage examples of schemas and diagrams:
  • market map, interpersonal communication schema, process phases, cycle phases, highlighting words in text and table
Fully editable vector shapes by using builtin PowerPoint tools, including
  • changing fill color (plain, gradient, setting transparency)
  • adding shadows
  • changing contour color
  • changing shape and size
  • adding text inside the shapes


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