Health Care, Medical Biology & Pharma Research Outline Icons (PPT icons)


332 outline icons (82 slides)

Package description

Presenting a medical or healthcare topic? Whether you do pharmaceutical research, explain microbiology or treatment of diseases, it is helpful to use graphical symbols in your PPT slides to present in a comprehensive way.

We have designed this extensive icon set that covers all major healthcare and medical biology areas. All symbols are created in a modern outline style that will ensure consistent professional look of the presentation.

Our Healthcare and Medical Biology R&D signs library for PowerPoint contains:

  • 332 outline icons: general healthcare, healthy lifestyle, human body parts and organs, diseases and health disorders, medical operations, oncology;
  • 9 healthcare areas: healthcare, human body parts & organs, diseases and health disorders, cancer types & oncology, health examination, treatment procedures and medical operations, healthy lifestyle and diet, cells, molecules and microbiology signs, laboratory equipment
  • several medical infographics examples illustrating how you can use icons to present healthcare structures and pharma R&D processes
  • Format: fully editable PPT vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss.

Why use Medical Signs and Outline Health Symbols as your presentation illustrations?

If you work with healthcare documents and especially presentations, you will need well-done graphics. You’ll want elegant imagery that can help you get the concepts across and capture the audience. If you want high-end images but don’t have time or budget for every project. Take a look at medical signs and health symbols outline collection. It will help you to create an impactful healthcare presentation from scratch. The diagram helps you replace words and make difficult ideas easier to understand.

How to use Medical Signs and Outline Health Symbols?

Copy icons or diagrams into your presentation to illustrate your ideas informative and attractive visuals. A few ideas where you can apply those illustrations:
  • Illustrate medical transport and personnel, medical equipment or patient educational materials.
  • Explain medical visits schedule, consults timetables, and the procedure for having e-visits.
  • Provide information about specific illnesses – present facts or risk factors.
  • Illustrate health benefits of certain food, habits, exercises and products.
  • Visualize laboratory investigation on a slide without overfilling it.
  • Offer recommendations for how to avoid certain health issues, causes of death or how illnesses or injuries affect body parts and organs.
  • Present to your audience an ideal chemotherapy diet.
  • Create a medical poster for your training courses with relevant graphics.

Content description

Medical Signs and Outline Health Visuals collection contains ready-to-use outline icons:
  • General Healthcare Icons: Transport & Personnel, Patients;
  • Healthy Lifestyle Icons: Healthy Food, Sports, Clear Water, Losing Weight, Health Threads;
  • Human Body Parts & Organs Icons: Brain, Head, Skull, Digestive System, Upper Respiratory Tract, Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Eye, Male And Female Reproductive Organs, Large Intestine, Breast, Chest, Tooth, Hand, Skin, Renal Glomeruli, Respiration, Nasal Breathing, Heart Rate, Pulse, Circulatory System;
  • Diseases & Health Disorders Icons: Stomachache, Heartburn, Dental Decay/Caries, Common Cold, Asthma, Pulmonary Disease, Heartache, Genetic Mutations, Glaucoma, Arterial Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis, Venous Valve, Wound, Bleeding, Infection, Decontamination, Fracture, Paronychia, Spine Overload, Body Overload, Sleep Disorders, Aphasia, Mood Swings, Schizophrenia, Somnolence, Headache, Dizziness, Dullness, Sweating;
  • Examination, Treatment & Medical Operations Icons: MR, MRI Scan, Ultrasonograph, Electrocardiogram, EEG, Echocardiograph, X-RAY, Radiograph, USG, ECHO, Heart Auscultation, Manometer, Blood Donation, Operation, Massage, Medicines, Syringe with Needles, Adhesive Plaster, Disinfectants, Stimulants;
  • Cancer Types & Oncology Icons: Cancer, Lung Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Mammary Cancer, Liver Cancer, Heart Tumor, Pancreas Cancer, Renal Glomeruli Cancer, Brain Cancer, Marrow Cancer, Skin Cancer;
  • Laboratory & Medical Research Icons: Flask, Laboratory Utensils, Test-tubes, Measures, Stirrers, Dropper, Dropper With Petri Dish, Pipetting, Sampling, Injection, Thermometer, Concentration, Vaporization, Flask With Biological Material, Condensation, Fluid Pumping, DNA, Structural Formula, Compound Analysis, Nanotechnology, Microbiology, Drug Production, Magnifier, Condensing Coil, Laboratory Equipment, Microscope, Petri Dish.

Healthcare, Medical biology and Pharma research outline icons collection contains ready-to-use graphics and icons dedicated to the following topics:

General healthcare icons

  • Healthcare industry areas list infographics
  • Healthcare system flowchart
  • General healthcare: red cross and care symbols, healthcare, medical help, rod of asclepius, pharmacy
  • Patient icons: patient with pain, illness, sickness, hospital bed, disabled person, medical examination
  • Unwellness: injury, headache, migraine, sick, illness, disorder, infection, pain, ache, accident, falling, distress
  • Staff graphics: medical personnel, doctor, general practitioner, nurse, ER shift, medic council
  • Hospitalization: hospital building, hospital bed with infusion, medical transport, helicopter, ambulance
  • Medicines: pills, drug bottle, medicament, antidote, pharmaceuticals
  • Equipment: thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, injection, scalpel, surgery cut
  • Medical data and documents slide: clinical data records, database, pharmaceutical plan chart, certificate, sheet, folder, calendar, patient card
  • Health protection prevention slide: medical insurance, umbrella, shield, first aid kit
  • Medicine manufacturing drug production: pill, pharmaceutics factory, medicament development
  • Business icons: calendar, plan, time, duration, sand, hourglass, telephone, call, contact, heart, checklist document, To-do list, patient, growth data, trend line chart

Human body parts and organs icons

  • Blood group compatibility table for Rh+ recipients slide
  • Blood group compatibility table for Rh- recipients slide
  • Human body outline silhouette: man / woman silhouette, laying posture, standing male, female, head profile
  • Outer body parts: skin, hair, hand, palm with fingers, foot, leg with toes
  • Head elements slide: skull, tooth, dental care, dentist, human brain, nerve center, thinking
  • Head elements graphics: senses sight, vision, eye bulb, profile cut, ear, mouth, lips, hearing, listening, auditory, speaking, oral, verbal, nose, smell, scent
  • Head elements graphics: eating esophagus, salivary glands, food digestion, breathing, nose, upper respiratory tract, thyroid
  • Chest and breathing lungs slide: chest, ribs, respiration, respiration, nasal breathing, sneezing, aerial infection spread, mammary, mammography, female breast
  • Cardio icons: heart rate, EKG, heartbeat, pulse, circulatory system
  • Blood icons: blood drop – AB, A, B, 0 group, blood vessel
  • Blood groups slide:0 Rh+, A Rh+, B Rh+, AB Rh+, 0 Rh-, A Rh-
  • Digestion icons: stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, renal glomeruli, glomerulus
  • Digestive and urinary organs: bladder, large intestine, bowel, guts, colorectal, prostate, male / female reproductive organs
  • Bones icons: regular bone, joints, bone marrow

Diseases and disorders icons

  • Spot a stroke: warning signs infographics
  • Mental disorders list
  • Diseases and disorders slide: common symptoms headache, migraine, head pain, coughing, sneezing, fever, high temperature, sweating, flu, infection, contagious illness
  • Head related slide: dizziness, dullness, dental caries
  • Diseases and disorders slide: digestion and breathing stomachache, heartburn, inflammation, asthma, pulmonary disease
  • Cardiovascular heartache, genetic mutations, birth defects, arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis, venous valve
  • External injuries icons: wound, bleeding, infection, hygiene, decontamination, fracture, paronychia, suture
  • Weight and sleep graphics: heavy legs, spine overload, body overload, sleep disorders, hospital bed, sneezing
  • Mental illnesses infographics: aphasia, mood swings, schizophrenia, somnolence, depression

Cancer and oncology icons

  • Most common types of cancer infographics
  • Cancer symbols: cancer ribbon, person with cancer, cancerous cell
  • Organs affected by cancer: lung tumor, stomach cancer, mammary cancer, liver sarcoma
  • Organs affected by cancer icons: prostate tumor, testicle cancer, bladder cancer, cervix cancer, large intestine cancer, bowel cancer, kidney cancer
  • Organs affected by cancer slide: heart tumor, pancreas cancer, renal glomeruli cancer, brain cancer, marrow cancer, skin cancer
  • Cancer symbols: metastases illustration on male and female, skin cancer, cancerous cell growth progression

Examination, treatment and operation icons

  • Ionizing and non-ionizing medical procedures list
  • Examination, treatment and operations: transfusion, transplant, human organ donor, donorship
  • Gene therapy, DNA pill, subcutaneous injection under skin symbols
  • CT, computed tomography, MR, MRI scan machine, ultrasonography
  • Medical X-ray, roentgen, chest pneumonia screening, radiograph icons
  • Heart auscultation, blood donation, taking blood sample symbols
  • Heart surgery, PCI, balloon angioplasty, deswelling icons
  • Medicines, syringe with needles, adhesive plaster, disinfectants icons

Healthy lifestyle and dietary icons

  • Basic ways to stay healthy showed with venn diagram
  • Fast food ban, smoking ban, alcohol ban, weight lifting icons
  • Fast food plant based diet, vegetarian, vegan, broccoli, outdoor icons
  • Dieting, slimming, electrostimulation, personal heart rate monitor graphics

Cells and microbiology of immune system icons

  • Immune system cells classification example
  • Cells icons: epithelial cells layer, red blood cells
  • Cell receptors icons: signaling pathway, cellular receptor, blocker
  • Immune system cells: T-cell, memory T-cell, helper T-cell
  • Natural killer cells, regulatory T-cell, macrophage icons
  • Germs and microbes icons: protozoa, caryopsis, amoeba
  • Infectious agents virus icons: bacteriophage, pathogens

Molecules and genetics icons

  • From DNA to RNA to protein translation graphics
  • Molecules icons: DNA, RNA, double helix, deoxyribonucleic acid, RNA, ribonucleic acid, single helix, genes
  • Genetics research signs: transgenic mouse, humanized mouse, compound analysis, nanotechnology, microbiology, drug production
  • Molecular biology signs: general molecule, structural formula, protein carbon organic, chemistry compound
  • Molecules icons: lipid substance, carbohydrate, sugar element chemical structure

Medical research and laboratory equipment icons

  • Company's laboratory procedure infographics
  • Containers slide: flask glass, laboratory utensils, liquid fluids sample, test-tubes, measures, stirrers
  • Sampling slide: dropper, dropper with petri dish, pipetting, sample, injection
  • Testing icons: thermometer, concentration, vaporization, flask with biological material
  • Glass tools symbols: magnifier, condensing coil, laboratory equipment, microscope, detail drop, bacteria, cell zoom, petri dish
  • How to edit infoDiagram’s vector outline icons
Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes changeable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • changing color of the icon filling and its outline
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.

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