Handwritten Shapes - Charcoal style (PPT icons & clipart)


46 icons (15 slides)

Package description

Editable graphical elements for PowerPoint - handwritten like shapes

  • set of general shapes
  • 41 basic shapes: arrows, lines, circles, rectangles with text
  • 11 examples of shapes combinations and diagrams
  • fully editable colors & size in PowerPoint (vector format)

Handwritten like shapes for enhancing presentation slides
  • for underlining key text fragments
  • for designing own diagrams, schemas, process maps
Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • changing filling and contour colors of the icon
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.

Package content:

  • general symbols pictograms: star, quotation mark, exclamation and question mark, brackets, plus, minus signs
  • arrows: straight, rounded, short, long, wide
  • basic diagram shapes: rectangles, ovals, frame marks, triangles
  • message symbols: note card, pencil, talk bubble, cloud
  • usage examples: highlighting text, highlighting table cells, flow chart, array matrix, cycle phases


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