McKinsey Matrix Framework Diagram (PPT template)


20 diagrams, 13 icons (22 slides)

Package description

Content of McKinsey Matrix presentation template graphics:

Collection of McKinsey matrix (so called GE Matrix) visual layouts as pre-designed PowerPoint slides. Use this presentation to educate about investment strategies. Slide deck contains

  • 20 diagrams representing investment 9 cell risk matrix.
  • extendable pictogram symbols of investment strategies Invest, Select, Grow icons in 2 graphical styles: flat icons and unique hand drawn scribble graphics
  • exemplary explanation of recommended investment actions.
  • Fully editable style. Size and colors easy to adjust using PowerPoint editor

Slide set content details:

  • Definition slide of GE / McKinsey matrix, its aims.
  • Overview of the McKinsey Matrix: industry attractiveness and a competitive strength of units nine-cells matrix
  • Nine cell matrix template with colorful and monocolor squares
  • Separate slides with place for investment strategies description
  • Elements of GE matrix, illustrated by scribbled icons
  • GE business screen template with place for analysis aside
  • Scribbled icons and square ribbon, representing 3 investment strategies: Invest, Select, Divest
  • Index of flat and scribbled icons representing McKinsey matrix categories.

Advantages of using GE matrix template:

  • GE–McKinsey nine-box matrix offers a systematic approach for the multibusiness corporation to prioritize its investments among its business units.
  • Helps to prioritize the limited resources in order to achieve the best returns.
  • Managers become more aware of how their products or business units perform.
  • More sophisticated business portfolio framework than the BCG matrix.
  • Identifies the strategic steps the company needs to take to improve the performance of its business portfolio.

Further Resources about McKinsey matrix

Definition: McKinsey matrix (GE matrix) is an analytical tool used to prioritize investments among a corporation’s business units. McKinsey matrix is a more advanced form the BCG matrix.
Presentation format
Fully editable vector shapes by using built-in PowerPoint tools (vector format), including
  • changing contour color of the icon
  • changing color of the scribble filling
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
Content and design: infodiagram designers

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