OLAP Data Cube Graphics (PPT Template)


14 illustrations, 25 icons (19 slides)

Package description

Do you need to present how does OLAP work? Explain data operations for Business Intelligence? Use visual 3d cube illustrations PowerPoint template we have designed for presenting this big data management concept.

This OLAP cube slide deck includes:

  • 14 vector illustrations of the 3D data cube, dimensions example, template for defining what is Online Analytical Processing versus Business Intelligence and Big Data concepts. We illustrated all basic data operations in OLAP such as slicing, dicing, pivoting, roll-up and drill-down
  • 25 icons covering business and data analytics, for example, symbols of geographical location, time period, computer server, Big Data databases or retail shop sales and trend forecast.
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss

OLAP is a category of software that allows users to analyze information from multiple database systems at the same time. It is a technology that enables analysts to extract and view business data from different points of view. Business analysts or managers often need to take some meaningful business decisions to monitor the growth of their organization and achieve higher profits. Before making strategic decisions, it is important to analyze the data gathered from disparate sources.

What is an OLAP cube diagram good for?

OLAP cubes are used to view and analyze multiple dimensions of business data to gather insights that will help them define a business strategy. With this template, you can prepare visual presentation or training materials about What is OLAP cube, dimensions of the data cube, cube elements, icons and graphics for IT analytics.

OLAP Data Cube graphics contains ready-to-use slides:

  • Content of OLAP data cube graphics collection
  • OLAP cube comparison towards business intelligence and big data
  • Three-dimensional cube diagram template in data warehousing summarizing dimensions location, quarter, product categories
  • OLAP Cube dimensions explanation template presented with place, product and time
  • OLAP slice as an element of OLAP cube graphics
  • OLAP slices explanation template
  • OLAP cell as an element of OLAP cube graphics
  • OLAP cell explanation template
  • Operations on OLAP cube illustrations including dicing, drill-down, roll-up, slicing, pivot rotation
  • OLAP operation explanation slide template: dicing operation
  • OLAP operation explanation slide: drill-down operation
  • OLAP operation explanation slide: roll-up operation
  • OLAP operation explanation slide: slicing operation
  • OLAP operation explanation slide: pivot rotation operation

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

  • changing the color of the icon filling and its outline
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
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