Retail Update Presentation Review Template (PPT icons and tables)


25 diagrams, 46 icons (36 slides)

Package description

Retail Business Update Review presentation template for showing summary of company events, shops performance key financial data, performance indicators and goals achievement

  • 25 predesigned diagram layouts: goals benchmarks and completion checklist, events timeline, financial report, KPI data presentation
  • 46 flat icons illustrating retail market, shops footprint, revenue, P&L, cost, profit, sales
  • fully editable vector symbols - you can change colors

Further Resources about Retail Business

Presentation template for yearly company performance review.

Universal presentation for retail company performance update review. Template graphics for various retail business areas - editable agenda, predefined tables, text and data placeholders:

  • Retail Market Insight with table and icons for population, gdp, unemployment, consumer price index, gross monthly wage
  • Retail Market Dynamics with symbols for retail footprint, consumer price index, household consumption, consumer confidence index, retail market value, retail sales index, retail traffic footfall, gla
  • Shop network Competitors
  • Retail Competitors Highlights diagram with brand awareness, doors number, sales dynamics
  • Retail footprint update presentation slide with shop openings, closings, refits data.
  • Financial snapshots template table with data about retail net sales, products sold, market share, EBIT, partners, employees
  • Main Retail Facts and Figures
  • Profit and Loss Account presentation schema with PPT pictograms for COGS, MI, OPEX, EBITDA, personell, Depreciation, Amortization
  • Retail Efficiency Indicators diagram containing KPIs: NS / FTE, ASP, COGS, MI /pc
  • Sales Efficiency Key Performance Indicators such as: footfall, conversion rate, UPT, ASP, VPT, L-4-L
  • Operational Efficiency KPIs such as: transactions, sell-through, stock rotation, staff rotation, OPEX, Mystery Shopper
  • Main retail Brands Products Channels Stores overview slide with product categories, distribution channels, monobrand stores, collection novelties
  • Business achievement summary of Shop Goals, Retail Goals, Goals Benchmark Checklist
  • Main activities review and Main Activities yearly and quaterly calendar
  • Key Retail Challenges and Key Retail Focus Areas
  • Merchandise management diagram template
  • Key Upcoming Activities Timeline with Year Financial Outlook and Year P&L Outlook

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • changing color of the icon filling and its outline
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.


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