Map of Canada and US. North America. Mexico. Population and GDP


99 maps, 46 icons & flags (23 slides)

Package description

US and Canada administrative territories (US states, Canada provinces). Map includes North America editable PowerPoint graphics, localization and transport icons and country statistics. Additionaly map of USA and Mexico.

  • Map of Canada and US and Mexico.
  • Maps of US states, countries, world
  • Flags of USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Localization icons: places, hand drawn arrows
  • Data icons: population, density, GDP, capital, transport, production, distribution
  • Fully editable maps, icons, arrows
  • Canada territories including: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, British Columbia
  • Coastlines: Pacific Oecan, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean


Set of vector maps editable in PowerPoint of North America (excluded Central America - see the other package)
  • United States of America map with states, US flag
  • Canada map, Canadian flag
  • Mexico map, Mexican flag
  • Map of North America continent
  • Country statistics data: Population, Density, Area, GDP, Largest city, Capital
  • World map with North America highlighted
Icons for showing localization and logistics on maps:
  • Pins and flags for indicating a place
  • Handdrawn arrows for showing routes and journeys
  • Transportation icons: Truck, Train, Plane, Ship, Bus, Lorry for illustrating logistic routes on the America map
  • Production pictograms: Factory icon, Production facility icon, Production gears icon
  • Distribution pictograms: Distribution centre icon, Wholesale icon, Consumption Retail shop icon
  • City pictogram: Capital icon, Big city icon
Examples of PowerPoint maps visualization:
  • Places pins and indicating time zone
  • Routes from point A to point B and C in the US states (as handwritten arrows on a US map)
  • Transportation routes: flights and trains between the US states
  • Production and distribution routes from Mexico factory to US distribution centers and US retail shops
  • Distribution pictograms: Distribution centre icon, Wholesale icon, Consumption Retail shop icon

Further information sources on countries data

Acronyms used

  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product
  • PPP - Purchasing Power Parity
  • sq mi – square mile
  • km2 – square kilometer

Editable elements

Fully editable vector shapes by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • editing texts
  • editing maps (color of the fill and outline, style - gradient, with outline, shadow, reflection)
  • arrows and icon pictograms: changing fill color, size, style (gradient fill, outline, shadow, reflection)
  • all elements are transparent (charts, maps, flags, arrows), you can put them behind or above your content
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.


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