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Terms of Service


  • infoDiagram digital products (i.e. graphical elements of a purchased presentation such as diagrams, icons, templates) can be used for commercial purposes after the purchase completion. They can be used by a single User, unless you bought an extended team license. Digital products cannot be sold to a third party.
  • We offer you a full money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. We might require a written declaration from you about removing the files.
  • We will not pass your data to a third party (except minimal necessary information for processing online payment), and we will not spam you.
  • We take full responsibility for the work we create and deliver (i.e. graphics); however, we cannot guarantee things outside our influence (e.g. downtime of web servers, external data sources, etc.).
  • The remaining Terms of Service points are required to run properly an online service delivering you our graphics.

1. General terms

  1. This document (referred to as "Terms of Service") defines terms of sale and use of digital products available at the website (referred to as "the Website").
  2. The administrator of the Website (referred to as "the Administrator") is infoDiagram Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU London,
  3. The purpose of the Website is to provide visualizations and education materials (for sale or free of charge) and general popularisation of visual presentations.
  4. The offered digital products (referred to as "the Products") are presentation graphics ,usually in the form of PowerPoint slides and educational materials.

2. Purchasing of the Product

  1. The Product is delivered to a User in electronic form, following successful payment of the Product price specified on the Website. Payment is processed after filling out the appropriate form on the Website.
  2. To complete the purchase, it is necessary to provide all required information (such as email, billing address, etc.). The User is responsible for providing correct data.
  3. Submitting an order means acceptance of these Terms of Use.
  4. The Administrator is obliged to deliver the Product to the User within 5 working days from receiving payment confirmation. However, the delivery usually takes minutes after the payment confirmation is received.
  5. The Administrator has the right to cancel a purchase for technical reasons. In such a case, the payment for the uncompleted purchase will be returned to the User's bank account or credit card.

3. Product usage rights and Author’s rights

  1. By purchasing the Product, the User gains rights to modify, copy and publish it, including its usage for commercial purposes. The Product can be used by one User only (unless an extended license is purchased).
  2. Without prior permission from the Administrator, it is forbidden to re-sell the Product to a third party or redistribute it beyond the scope of the purchased license (single User or Team). All activities violating the Author's rights are forbidden.
  3. Names of Products mentioned on the Website that are trademarks or registered brands are used solely for information purposes.

4. Complaints

  1. The Administrator processes complaints related to the Product itself or regarding the Website.
  2. Complaints concerning electronic payments are processed by the Website's payment provider (currently Braintree, a service of PayPal, company PayPal (Europe) S.a r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. licenced as a Luxembourg credit institution and other payment processing partners.
  3. Complaints addressed to the Administrator should be sent by email or postal mail stated in point 1.
  4. Complaints must contain the following:
    • - name and surname of the User,
    • - email address: institution represented by the User,
    • - justification of the complaint,
    • - postal address where the complaint answer should be sent in case of postal communication.
  5. Complaints are processed within 30 days of receipt. By default, the User is notified about the result via email. A postal answer may be sent at the User’s request.

5. Responsibility of the Administrator

  1. The Product offered through the Website is solely the visualization of various concepts. The Administrator does not take responsibility for the correctness of the underlying concept. Links to data sources may be provided inside the Product file for self-checking.
  2. Usage of the Product and the Website is at the User's sole risk. The Administrator shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from using the Product or the Website with the exception of faults caused by a purposeful act or negligence on the side of the Administrator.

6. Money-back guarantee and the procedure

  1. Every User who purchases the Product has the right to return it within 5 days if it does not meet expectations. The Administrator has the right to refuse the return in case of justified reasons suspecting that the return request is a fraud.
  2. Return of the Product requires sending an email return request to the Administrator. The email should contain the Product name, transaction number, Product price, and purchase date. It is required that the email is sent from the address used for ordering the Product.
  3. The Administrator will respond to the email return request within 14 days. The Administrator may ask for a written Product Non-use declaration about removing all copies of the purchased files.
  4. Money will be refunded within 30 days from the date the Administrator receives a Product Non-use declaration.

7. Personal data protection, privacy and cookies policy

  1. Information provided during the ordering process is used solely for the Website's purposes.
  2. The User can view, edit, update and delete personal data on email requests.
  3. User’s Internet browser software should have "JavaScript" and "Cookies" enabled; otherwise, the Administrator cannot be held responsible for the incorrect operation of the Webpage. The "Cookies" file does not contain the User's personal data.
  4. By making a purchase, the User permits the Administrator to be contacted with information related to the Website to the email address provided.

8. Final terms

  1. The Administrator has the right to introduce changes to the Terms of Use. New Terms of Use are valid from the day of their publication in Terms of Service section on the Website.
  2. The court will resolve any potential conflicts related to the Terms of Service appropriate to the Administrator's location.