It all started years ago as three friends noticed struggles in everyday business communication and ended with a team of creatives working over delivering the solution.

We are business consultants, graphic designers and web developers devoted to creating beautiful and meaningful visuals you can instantly plug into your next presentation. Want to give it a try with our free sample?

To complement a wide range of our ready-to-use products, we offer design services and trainings. Let us support your visual communication in any way you like.

We are based in London (UK) with a team from all over the Europe.


Peter Zvirinsky
Peter Zvirinsky
Co-founder, Visual Communication Expert

“My goal is to make infoDiagram nr 1 place to go for presentation graphics. On daily basis, I create diagrams, supervise the high standards of our content and support our clients. Also, I run Slide Design trainings which you are most welcome to join.

The day gets better after dose of joga and good cappuccino.”
Izabela Zvirinska
Izabela Zvirinska
Co-founder, Graphic Designer

“The visual quality of our products is an apple in my eye. I track design news and lead the team of our graphic designers. Hand-drawn illustrations are my speciality you won’t find anywhere else. You may meet me in person as I’m running PowerPoint trainings.

The best ideas come when you travel into the nature”
Marcin Trofimiuk
Co-founder, Full Stack Developer

“I aim to make your experience with our website safe and hassle-free. If you ever struggle with logging in or payment, I have your back. I'm the only member of the team who can't name the colors, but my technical superpowers overcome it.

Everything starts working when...”

We care about your success as much as we care about our planet's future. That's why we pay special attention to environmental issues and support climate activism by covering this topic in our products. Making good change matters to us.

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Anastasia Liashenko
Anastasia Liashenko
Customer Happiness & Marketing
Katarzyna Buczak
Katarzyna Buczak
Graphic Designer
Justyna Adamiec
Justyna Adamiec
Graphic Designer
Barbara Papiór
Barbara Papiór
UX / Graphic Designer
Katarzyna Podlejska
Katarzyna Podlejska
Business Consultant

If you like our work, share our values and wish to join the team, feel free to contact us and tell us a bit more about yourself. All skills related to developing digital graphic products and their marketing are welcome.

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