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If you are confident about the structure and copy of your presentation and just need some support in polishing its looks, don’t hesitate and contact us. We will work on the visual coherence and attractiveness of your slides.

Matching slides with your branding

We will apply your brand’s visual style to slides by:

  • adding your logo
  • updating fonts and colors to match your visual identity
  • inserting slides into your template



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Graphical upgrade of your slides

We will improve the visual appeal of your slides by:

  • replacing some text with diagrams, pictures and icons
  • improving text structure and readability
  • creating a coherent color palette



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If you wish us to create visuals for your presentation from scratch or make deep redesign, let us know. From single visuals enriching your content to whole PowerPoint templates enabling you to reuse them in the future - we can support you wherever you need it.

PowerPoint templates

We will create a powerful reusable PowerPoint templates by:

  • preparing master slides defaults
  • designing coherent slide layouts
  • presetting graphics, fonts and colors matching your branding
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PowerPoint slides

We will prepare meaningful PowePoint slides by:

  • designing coherent slide layouts
  • converting text into eye-catching visuals
  • adding consistency to provided graphics
  • matching fonts and colors with your visual identity
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Vector graphics

We will design personalised editable visuals for your presentations such as:

  • icons
  • diagrams
  • infographics
  • illustrations
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If you want to raise your or your team’s competencies in designing PowerPoint presentations, participate in our training. We conduct training online for groups or individual clients. PowerPoint has no secrets for us.

PowerPoint slides design

Learn how to 10x speed up your work with PowerPoint by:

  • replacing text with visuals
  • making diagrams in a minute
  • using templates, layouts and
  • implementing design tricks & hints
  • Duration: 3 x 4 hours
  • Participants: over 5
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PowerPoint data visualization

Learn how to visualize data in PowerPoint suggestively by:

  • adding attractive excel based charts and tables to your presentations
  • mastering charts and tables control
  • applying best practices and avoiding common mistakes
  • Duration: 2 x 4 hours
  • Participants: over 5
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PowerPoint 1 on 1

Lear how to desigh slides with your personal trainer thanks to:

  • individual online sessions matching your time shedule
  • working together on your slides
  • advanced PowerPoint and design tricks & hints adapted to your needs
  • Duration: as needed
  • Participants: 1
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