Business & Marketing

Create a business presentation with our content rich templates for PowerPoint. We create slides with relevant visuals and icons. Always ready to add missing graphics or icons.

Create yearly business review using pre designed template for PowerPoint presentations.

SWOT analysis editable template in PPT format. Many styles and approaches with example slides. Create modern SWOT presentation in minutes.

BPO framework presentation template for Project Managers. Complete framework explained in visual diagrams with relevant icons.

How to make pitch presentation? Use editable and pre-made presentation template. This pitch deck will help you present you business in creative and easy way.

Present your project schedule in pre-made PowerPoint slides with calendars.

Create SMART goals template in PPT format. Use it to explain SMART goal settings rules.

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Human Resources

Get modern presentation symbols library of various company roles, positions. Illustrate organizational structures using icons of CEO, CIO, managers and other stuff symbols. Present your HR strategy plans visually using process diagrams. Easily editable in PowerPoint.

Strategy Planning

PPT diagrams and icons collection for presenting long term or short term strategy and plans. Use Quarterly or Yearly Business Review template. Adapt and reuse process diagrams, product roadmaps, SWOT analysis or SMART goals planning, illustrate milestones, goals and activities by do-it-yourself infographics made quickly in PowerPoint.

Sales & Marketing

Illustrate Sales Funnels and Marketing processes using visual diagrams and icons.