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Accounts Receivables Status Dashboard

Slide Content

The slide presents a comprehensive dashboard for "Accounts Receivables Status," detailing financial data related to debt management. It includes the following elements: "Balance by Overdue Group," showing the amounts overdue for various time periods; "Balance," "Average Receivables," "Average Payment Terms," and "Average Due" sections depicting financial figures over four years; "Before Due and Overdue" comparing what is before due versus overdue; "Overdue" indicating the percentage of overdue receivables each year; and "Receivables Turnover" and "Receivables Coefficient," showing these metrics' changes over time.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is white, with a teal header containing the slide title.
  • There are eight separate chart sections, each framed with a thin blue border.
  • Graphics include horizontal bar charts, vertical bar charts, and line graphs with data points.
  • Each chart has a title and is accompanied by a legend or labels indicating what the data represents.
  • The color palette consists of teal, orange, light blue, dark blue, and red for different data representations.
  • Text is primarily in blue and black with numeric values next to graphical elements.

The overall slide design is clean and professional, with a clear distinction between different data sets through the use of varied colors and chart styles. The layout is balanced, with ample white space ensuring that the data is the focal point.

Use Cases

  • In a finance department meeting to review the status of accounts receivables.
  • During a quarterly business review to present financial health to stakeholders.
  • In a strategy session for improving cash flow management.
  • As part of a presentation to the board or investors detailing company financial performance.

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