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Ukrainian Administrative Division Regions​
from deck Ukraine, Georgia, GUAM Countries Maps with Administrative Regions (PPT editable)

Ukraine – Administrative Division Regions

Slide Content

The slide presents an overview of Ukraine's administrative divisions, highlighting the individual regions with different colors and boundaries. The main feature is a map of Ukraine in the center, with all the regions outlined. The top right corner mentions that regions are editable, suggesting they can be individually adjusted for color, filling, outline, and shadow. A sidebar on the right includes supplementary information, noting that there are 27 administrative territories in Ukraine and providing space for additional descriptions or notes.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large, central graphic that is a blue map of Ukraine showing its administrative division boundaries.
  • On the right side of the map, there are several smaller maps that are colored differently (purple, orange, green, etc.) to represent select regions.
  • A pink circle with a pointer highlights a region on the mini-maps.
  • There is a textbox to the right of the map with a turquoise background containing text about the number of administrative territories.
  • Above the coloured mini-maps, text highlighted in grey indicates that the regions on the map are editable elements.
  • The overall design of the slide is modern and professional with a clear separation of elements for ease of understanding.

The slide has a simple and clean look with contrasting colors that enhance its readability and make key elements like the maps and editable features stand out.

Use Cases

  • In a business presentation analyzing regional market opportunities or showing company presence in different parts of Ukraine.
  • During an academic lecture or informational session about the political geography of Ukraine.
  • In a strategy meeting discussing distribution or operations across the various administrative divisions in Ukraine.
  • As part of a report to stakeholders on socio-economic conditions or developments in different Ukrainian regions.

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