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AI Prompt Example Presentation

Slide Content

The slide presents a template for crafting an AI prompt example presentation covering five key components: Role, Task, Context, Format, and Style. Each component is presented as an actionable item to guide the user's input. For instance, "Role" prompts the user to define their role, "Task" outlines the task to be achieved, "Context" sets the stage for the audience, "Format" suggests structuring the information in tables or summaries, and "Style" encourages considering the presentation style. These elements help structure a targeted and effective presentation based on AI prompts.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient from dark to lighter grey, creating depth.
  • On the left, five elongated blue hexagonal icons each include a white text label: Role, Task, Context, Format, Style.
  • Next to each icon, placeholder text for each label provides instructions to write specific content related to presentation planning.
  • The right side features a vivid image of a laptop with digital graphical elements exploding from the screen, suggesting the power of AI or technology.
  • A cohesive color scheme with blues, white, and dark tones matches the text, icons, and laptop image, providing visual harmony.

The slide has a modern, tech-centered aesthetic, with a striking image that symbolizes the dynamic nature of AI. The layout is clean and methodically organized, echoing the structure and precision often associated with technology.

Use Cases

  • To guide planning and structuring a presentation about artificial intelligence or technology-related topics.
  • During a workshop on effective presentation creation, specifically on how to tailor content for different purposes and audiences.
  • As a structured outline for a brainstorming session focusing on roles, tasks, contexts, formats, and styles within AI projects.
  • In educational settings, as a teaching tool for students learning how to create presentations with clear objectives and audience engagement.

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