Do you need access to additional PPT graphics? A regular stream of icons and diagrams?

Then the Subscription access is for you.

Subscription Plan

With subscription you can download any specific slide for credits. Regular payments (leave anytime).

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  • Choose slides from any slide deck in infoDiagram collection.

  • You get lifetime access to graphics, download any single slide you need anytime.

  • You can collect and use credits later. Unused credits are cumulated from month to month (see validity period above)

  • No strings attached. You can cancel the subscription anytime.

  • Graphics are fully editable so you customize them quickly.

  • Freedom to extend your icon & diagram collection gradually.

How it works?


Buy a Plan

Choose and subscribe to one of four plans we offer. You can cancel anytime.


Get credits

Credits will be added immediately to your account and increased every month of active subscription.


Find Slides

Search slides & order Use credits to download slides. Value of slide is indicated at each slide: 1 credit for a standard slide with 4-7 icons or 1-3 maps or diagrams; 2-5 credits if more icons or graphical elements.



Download immediately selected slide All selected slides will be available in your personal account repository at with search and collections functions.