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AI Prompting Note Making Template for PPT
from deck AI Prompt Engineering Cheat Sheet PowerPoint Template (PPT Format)

AI Prompting Note Making Template for PPT

Slide Content

The slide presents a concept for using PowerPoint as a flexible tool for note-making specifically designed for AI prompts. It suggests utilizing predefined layouts to organize and document prompts that one might use with AI tools. The predefined layouts offer a structured way to capture key information and ensure consistency across various AI prompts.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a gradient of teal to light blue.
  • The slide title uses a large, bold sans-serif font, emphasizing the importance of "AI Prompting Note Making Template for PPT."
  • A dark teal banner runs horizontally across the top third of the slide, providing contrast for the white title text.
  • The subtitle text is smaller and centered, located below the title within a lighter shade area that complements the color scheme.
  • The content text utilizes a standard font size and is readable against the lighter background.

The slide features a modern and professional design, using contrasting shades of teal and clean typography to convey the information clearly. The use of space and color gradient creates a visually appealing hierarchy that guides the viewer's attention from the title to the supplementary text.

Use Cases

  • To guide a presentation on AI technology and its integration with office tools.
  • For workshops on enhancing productivity using AI-assisted note-making.
  • In strategy meetings to discuss the adoption of AI tools within business operations.
  • As part of a training module for teams to effectively utilize PowerPoint as an AI prompt organizer.

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