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Analytical Thinking (PPT Slide Template) - infoDiagram
from deck Creative Brain and Head Outline Infographics (PPT Template)

Analytical Thinking PPT Slide Template

Analytical thinking is breaking down a complex problem or question into smaller, more manageable parts. It is a key skill for success in many different fields used for problem-solving, from academics to business. This PowerPoint template visualizes analytical thinking qualities with diagrams, and icons to expand on the subject or to talk about analytical thinking skills in general. You can quickly download and edit this ppt template to fit your brand or the rest of your presentation.

Where To Use The Analytical Thinking PPT Template

You can use the analytical thinking ppt template to give a comprehensive presentation about analytical skills. You can identify the fundamental qualities and list them for your audience, share some general insight about the analytical thinking process, or simply visualize the concept of analytical thinking.

What Does This Analytical Thinking PPT Template Include?

  • Human brain diagram with 6 different colors matching the diagrams.
  • Icons: Puzzle, arrow and target, crosshair, magnifying glass, arrows pointing at each other, abacus.
  • White background.
  • 6 colored diagrams with text boxes.

This Analytical Thinking slide is a part of our Head and Brain Diagrams.

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