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Hand drawn routes over Ukraine and Moldova illustration example​
from deck Ukraine, Georgia, GUAM Countries Maps with Administrative Regions (PPT editable)

Hand drawn routes over Ukraine and Moldova illustration example

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide seems to represent logistic or travel routes across regions in Ukraine and Moldova. Various colored markings indicate different areas or points of interest. There appear to be three main points, marked A, B, and C, with hand-drawn dashed lines suggesting paths or connections between these points. These paths may indicate travel directions, connections between cities, or logistical routes for transport.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a map of Ukraine and Moldova as its main graphic element.
  • Regions within the countries are differentiated with light grey borders and white fill color.
  • Three key points are highlighted: A (with a purple fill color), B (with a green fill color), and C (without color fill).
  • Hand-drawn, dashed arrows in black connect these points, suggesting some form of route or connectivity.
  • Point A is located approximately in the center of the map, while Points B and C are towards the left and lower sections of the map, respectively.
  • Three car icons (one near each point) indicate significant locations or starting/endpoints.
  • To the right of the map, there's a text box with a bright green vertical bar on its left side, ready for custom descriptions.

The overall look of the slide is functional and visually engaging due to the hand-drawn elements, which add a sense of informality and personal touch to the presentation. The purposeful lack of color fill on Point C and the use of cars provide context clues that the routes may relate to travel or transport.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating supply chain logistics for a company with routes across Ukraine and Moldova.
  • Briefing on strategic movement plans in a military or disaster response scenario.
  • Explaining travel itineraries or tour routes for a travel agency presentation.
  • Demonstrating infrastructure planning, such as road development or maintenance priorities.

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