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Azerbaijan – Administrative Division Regions

Slide Content

The slide presents a map-oriented approach to Azerbaijan’s administrative divisions. It showcases the country divided into regions with an emphasis on editable features such as region filling, outline, and shadow. To the right, a smaller set of maps highlights specific regions, differentiated by color and marked with a location pin icon. Below is a text box declaring the number of administrative territories (73) and prompts for additional descriptions or points.

Graphical Look

  • A large blue shaded map of Azerbaijan, with distinct outlines for the internal administrative regions.
  • Three smaller maps to the right, each highlighting different regions in colors—purple, orange, and green—and featuring a location pin icon in one of them.
  • A sidebar with a blue background lists the number of administrative territories as 73 and offers bullet points for further description.
  • The title of the slide is in large, bold text at the top, and a subtitle with a smaller font size lies beneath it, detailing the customizable features of the map.

The slide is professional and visually oriented, leveraging a harmonious color palette centered around shades of blue. The enlarged main map focuses attention, while the colored regions and icons add informational variety.

Use Cases

  • Presenting regional administrative information to stakeholders or in government briefings.
  • Educating on geographical divisions and regional characteristics in academic settings.
  • Detailing location-specific strategies or developments in business meetings.
  • Providing visual support in discussions related to regional planning or resource allocation.

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