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BSC Icon Set – Business Performance
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

BSC Icon Set – Business Performance

Slide Content

The slide presents a set of icons related to business performance, under the title "BSC Icon Set – Business Performance." The keywords listed suggest important business concepts which these icons could represent. For example, "Document To-do List" implies organization and task prioritization, while "Chart, Increase" indicates tracking progression or success, and "Project Screen" may relate to presentations or data visualization. Other terms like "Priority," "Control," and "Budget" hint at management, regulation, and financial planning aspects. The set aims to visually encapsulate various facets of business administration and monitoring.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally with light grey on the top half and dark grey on the bottom.
  • Graphic icons are arranged into two rows, each containing four icons.
  • The icons are stylized with thin lines and minimal detail, providing an elegant and modern aesthetic.
  • Colors of the icons are monochromatic, except for the series of chart icons in the right corner, which have gradient fills of green, yellow, and blue.
  • Each icon illustrates a business concept, such as a bar chart for "increase" and a clipboard for "checklist."
  • The title of the slide is prominently placed at the top in a large, bold font, contrasted against the light grey background.
  • A text box in the top right corner with the phrase "Fully editable icons" has a folded corner effect.

The slide has a clean, contemporary design with a professional color scheme that emphasizes readability and straightforward imagery for conveying business concepts.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate points in a business presentation for clarity and visual engagement.
  • In project management meetings to visually represent agenda items or discussion topics.
  • Within training materials to symbolize various principles of business analysis or performance indicators.
  • For enhancing reports or proposals with easily interpretable icons that correspond with key metrics or goals.

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