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Your Business Case Title Slide

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is designed to introduce a business case study, entitled "Your Business Case Title Slide" with the subtitle "XYZ Case Study." It's intended to set the stage for a presentation where details of the case study will be discussed by including the area for "Name of presenter, date," offering a personal and temporal context to the audience. This slide could easily be tailored for any specific business case study presentation by updating the text placeholders with relevant information.

Graphical Look

  • A large, bold orange banner at the top with the main title in white font.
  • A subtitle "XYZ Case Study" is located just below the main title in smaller text.
  • Below the subtitle, against a grey background, is the place for the presenter's name and date in white font.
  • In the upper-right corner, there is a dashed outline suggesting where to insert a company logo.
  • A central, circular graphic features an icon of a handshake rendered in white on an orange background, signifying partnership or agreement.
  • The rest of the slide background displays a desaturated photo of a business setting with a laptop, documents, and a coffee mug.
  • The slide utilizes a minimalistic color scheme, primarily using shades of orange, grey, and white.

The slide creates a professional and clean look, with a focus on the title and a clear area for branding. The inclusion of the handshake icon highlights the theme of collaboration or agreement in a business context.

Use Cases

  • Introduction slide for a business case study presentation to set the context and purpose.
  • Opening a corporate meeting where a specific case or project will be analyzed or discussed.
  • Pitching a business proposal or partnership to potential clients, investors, or stakeholders.
  • Customizable template for various business presentations needing a title slide with a professional flair.

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