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Cascading Balanced Scorecard for Goals Strategic Alignment
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Cascading Balanced Scorecard for Goals Strategic Alignment

Slide Content

The slide presents a three-tier framework for integrating the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach across an organization. Starting with the organization-wide perspective (Tier 1), it cascades down to departments and business units (Tier 2), and further down to teams and individuals (Tier 3). It emphasizes the translation of "WHAT" BSC goals at the Tier 2 level and incorporates "HOW" feedback mechanisms. The process is aimed at ensuring strategic alignment and coherence from the top level of the organization down to the individual contributors.

Graphical Look

  • A dominant rectangular header displaying the title in a bold, dark font against a light background.
  • Three main content blocks marked as "Tier 1: Organization Wide," "Tier 2: Departments," "Tier 2: Business Units," and "Tier 2: Support Units," which are horizontally aligned.
  • Each Tier 2 block is connected by vertical lines to a central block labeled "Tier 3: Teams & Individuals" to show the flow of the framework.
  • Directional arrows indicating the flow from Tier 1 to Tier 3.
  • Two infographic icons: a building icon representing the organization-wide tier and a teamwork icon for teams & individuals.
  • Two stylized grey ribbons on the left and right sides with the text "“WHAT” translating BSC" and "“HOW” feedback", respectively.

The slide is designed with a professional color scheme, primarily in shades of blue and grey, set against a white background for clarity. Icons and flow arrows are used to visually distinguish each element and guide the viewer through the content effectively.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the strategy alignment framework within a corporate setting during a strategic planning meeting.
  • Illustrating the process of strategy cascading in a management training session or workshop.
  • Explaining performance management systems to staff and highlighting how the organization's goals translate to individual contributions.
  • Providing an overview of a strategic alignment initiative during a board meeting or to stakeholders to demonstrate how organizational strategies are disseminated.

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