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Risk Icons Set – General Business Symbols

Slide Content

The slide introduces a set of risk-related icons themed around general business symbols. They cover concepts like safety, represented by an umbrella for protection. The pin symbol suggests destination or location, typically used for maps or pointing out places of interest. Tools, including a wrench and hammer, signify repair or maintenance tasks. A checklist denotes tasks or to-do items, streamlining workflow or planning. The trophy signifies a reward or achievement, often used in the context of recognition or success. A hand signifies 'stop' or the need to pause and consider, while the silhouette figures represent people, teamwork, or collaboration. The house icon may relate to assets or real estate, while the balance scale symbolizes justice, fair evaluation, or decision-making. A hierarchy or org chart is represented by a structured diagram, which can denote organization structure or levels of authority. Lastly, arrows in a circular form imply exchange, transition, or process flow, typically used to demonstrate the concept of swapping, feedback loops, or cycles.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally, with a lighter shade of blue on the top half and a deeper blue on the lower half.
  • A lighter blue banner with a subtle triangle pattern runs along the top of the slide, containing the slide's title in white text.
  • The main content area is organized into two columns, each displaying a set of stylized, monochrome icons.
  • On the left, icons are grey and represent various business concepts related to risk and processes, including an umbrella, pin, checklist, trophy, house, and balance scale.
  • On the right, the icons are repeated, but with added color - pins in three different shades are showcased.
  • Highlighted at the bottom right, a single pin icon is encircled, drawing attention to it as an example of the icon set's editability.
  • A dark rectangle at the bottom contains promotional text directing to a website for more icons, in white font against the dark background.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a clear focus on the iconography designed to convey various business concepts. The use of a consistent icon style and the split background color provides a modern aesthetic and enhances visual interest.

Use Cases

  • During a risk management presentation to illustrate different areas of concern or focus in a clear and visual manner.
  • In business strategy meetings to discuss and assign tasks, goals, or checkpoints using visual symbolism.
  • Within training materials to offer a visual lexicon of key concepts related to business processes and risks.
  • For project management or team discussions to highlight responsibilities, achievements, or areas requiring attention with easily recognizable icons.

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