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Climate Crisis Economy

The slide presents a poignant message on the economics of climate action, emphasizing that the cost of preserving the environment is now lower than the cost of its destruction. It showcases a balance scale with dollar signs, suggesting the weighing of costs between saving and exploiting the Earth. This PowerPoint slide is designed for business presentations that discuss the financial aspects of sustainability and the imperative of clean technology for economic growth.

What Does This Climate Crisis Economy Include?

  • A balance scale graphic with dollar sign symbols representing the comparative costs of environmental conservation versus exploitation
  • A serene background image depicting nature, which underscores the theme of environmental preservation
  • A quotation emphasizing the economic benefit of saving the Earth, attributed to climate policy expert Hal Harvey
  • Blue and green color themes, symbolizing water and vegetation, reinforce the ecological subject matter of the slide

This Climate Crisis Economy is a part of our Climate OKR Action Plan Presentation PPT Template.

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