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Climate OKR Icons Set – Energy
from deck Climate OKR Action Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

Climate OKR Icons Set — Energy

Slide Content: The slide presents a series of icons related to energy and transportation within the context of climate goals. These icons consist of various modes of transport like an electric bus, electric car, truck, car, ship, boat, plane, and also representations of routes and destinations, which signify the types of transport involved in climate-focused objectives. It includes symbols for green energy technologies such as windmill, light bulb, efficient energy, and solar panel, which allude to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency solutions that might feature in environmental strategies.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is white with a subtle dark blue header and footer.
  • A dark teal ribbon design visually separates the slide title from the icon array.
  • The slide title "Climate OKR Icons Set — Energy" is prominent in black, located at the top.
  • A descriptive subtitle is placed under the title in a smaller font, listing the types of icons with keywords.
  • Twelve monochrome icons are evenly distributed in two rows of six, centered on the slide.
  • Each icon is outlined in light blue-grey with a minimalist style, representing various energy and transportation concepts.
  • On the right side, there is a column with four 'light bulb' icons, each in a different color: white, yellow, orange, and green.
  • An additional highlighted icon of a light bulb encircled in blue is enlarged and centered at the bottom, with a caption.
  • Text below the larger icon invites viewers to 'Check our website,' accompanied by a URL in blue font.

The slide has a clean and modern appearance, making use of ample white space and a limited color palette to emphasize the content. The icons are designed using a consistent line style, which creates a professional and cohesive visual theme.

Use Cases:

  • To present the range of icons available for use in materials related to climate objectives and energy topics during internal company meetings.
  • In a presentation to stakeholders to illustrate the types oftechnologies and transports which are part of an organization's sustainability plans.
  • To provide visual support in a pitch to investors focusing on environmentally friendly transportation or energy solutions.
  • As a graphical resource during workshops or seminars discussing the implementation of climate objectives and renewable energy strategies.

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