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Marketing Comparison Table | Professional Comparison Chart Templates for PowerPoint
from deck Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmaps (PPT Template)

This example slide shows a table with a comparison between traditional and digital marketing. Using a professionally designed template such as this allows you to save time on your presentation, and provides your audience with an easier format to understand - especially if they are visual learners. You could use this template to make a product comparison (in terms of their marketing), compare prices of different channels, effects on business performance, amount of work required for different strategies, compare various models, and compare different campaigns (e.g. small, medium, or large ad campaigns), plan your next steps, or use to complement a presentation on a topic such as digital transformation (as with the other slides in this deck), etc. All elements are fully editable, with icons coming in a vector graphic format. Change text & data, adapt to your site colors, add shadows and other effects, download from PowerPoint into a PDF format etc.

Slide contents:

Marketing Comparison PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Comparison Table, Placeholder Text, Colorful Shapes, Line Graphics, Triangle Graphics, Person & Megaphone Icon, Megaphone & Computer Icon, Tick Icon, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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