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Persona Template PowerPoint Slide - infoDiagram
from deck Creative Brain and Head Outline Infographics (PPT Template)

Persona Template PowerPoint Slide

A persona template is a quick way to create and visualize an individual fitting a certain profile or demographic. Personas are created after research and insight to conceptualize the target audience. So, when you have the insight, you can outline their personality traits, pain points, goals, educational background, and common behaviors to use them as a buyer persona, a user persona, or conceptualize a demographic for other various tasks. This slide is a helpful visualization template to present your target audience for your business, research, or personal projects.

What Does This Persona Template Include?

  • Outline style human head diagram.
  • 6 diagrams with numbers and text boxes to list your points.
  • Pen and paper icon, arrow and target icon, computer icon, money bill icon, graduation cap, human icon.
  • White background.

This Persona Template PowerPoint Slide slide is a part of our Head and Brain Diagrams.

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