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Content of Circular Economy Deck
from deck Circular Economy and Sustainability Diagrams (PPT Template)

Content of Circular Economy Deck

Slide Content

This slide provides an overview of the contents within a presentation deck focused on the Circular Economy. The slide lists six items: 'Definition' offers a clear explanation of the concept; 'Principles of Circular Economy' likely introduces foundational ideas guiding this economic approach; 'Circular Economy Models' discusses various ways to implement these principles; 'Benefits of the Sustainable Economy' sheds light on the positive outcomes; 'Action Plan Stages Towards CE' outlines a step-by-step approach to adopting the Circular Economy; and 'Visuals: Icons & how to use them' provides graphical tools for representation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a title in large, bold font at the top.
  • There's a vertical blue ribbon on the left margin with a cutout.
  • Six enumerated items are listed in black font on the left side of the slide.
  • To the right, a large circular icon containing a simplistic graphic of a leaf, a recycling arrow, and a dollar sign is set against a teal background.
  • The icon is partially overlaid on a larger grey circle that extends out of the right boundary of the slide.
  • The overall color scheme is muted, with shades of blue, grey, and teal.

The slide is clean and visually balanced, with a clear distinction between the text on the left and the graphic on the right. The use of simple icons and limited color palette suggests a professional and straightforward design.

Use Cases

  • Introducing the concept of Circular Economy to an audience unfamiliar with the subject.
  • Outlining the agenda of a workshop or seminar focused on sustainability practices in business.
  • Providing an executive summary of key points in a report or proposal related to environmental economics.
  • Serving as the opening slide for a lecture series on economic models promoting sustainability.

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