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Content of Sustainability Report Deck
from deck Corporate ESG Sustainability Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Content of Sustainability Report Deck

Slide Content

This slide outlines the sections of a sustainability report focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) elements. It includes an ESG definition and reporting pillars (explaining the foundational aspects of ESG), sustainability statements, ambitions, goals, a roadmap, and metrics (detailing the company's commitments and plans for measuring success), highlights of sustainability achievements for a specific year (20XX), and sustainability initiatives for future years (20XX+). It also touches on environmental sustainability (covering eco-friendly practices), social sustainability (related to corporate social responsibility), and governance sustainability (pertaining to corporate ethics and transparency), ending with a section on icon sets and instructions for their use.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a clean white with a subtle shadow effect on the right edge.
  • A large, bold title at the top in dark blue, against a lighter blue horizontal stripe that extends beyond the title's length.
  • Below the title, there are eight bullet points in a clear, sans-serif font, each introducing a different section of the report's content.
  • To the right, there's an overlaid semi-transparent white circle with a blue circle inside it.
  • Inside the blue circle, a white icon of a presentation board or flip chart is featured, reinforcing the theme of reporting and presentation.
  • The overall layout is asymmetrical, with text occupying roughly two-thirds of the slide on the left and the graphical element with the icon occupying the remaining third on the right.

The slide has a professional, minimalist design with a limited color palette dominated by different shades of blue, which suggests a corporate setting. The design is clear and focused, aimed at communicating key components effectively.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the structure of a sustainability report in corporate board meetings.
  • Training employees or teams on the components included in the company's sustainability report.
  • Providing an overview of report content during stakeholder engagements or shareholder meetings.
  • Out lining the agenda for a workshop or seminar focused on sustainability reporting practices.

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