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Dashboard Data Chart Types – Definitions,
from deck Dashboard Layouts for Executive Data Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Dashboard Data Chart Types – Definitions, When to Use

Slide Content

The slide appears to be an introductory or title slide for a section of a presentation that would discuss different types of data charts used in dashboards. It possibly explains the definitions of each chart type and advises on the appropriate circumstances for their use. This could include common charts such as bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and more complex visualizations like heat maps or scatter plots, each offering unique insights suitable for various data sets and presentation goals.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a simple, clean, and modern design with a predominant use of blue shades.
  • The title "Dashboard Data Chart Types – Definitions, When to Use" is prominently displayed in large white text against a darker blue background.
  • A large, bright blue arrow graphic originates from the left edge and spans about three-quarters of the slide width, pointing right.
  • On the left side, the arrow folds back on itself creating a visual effect similar to a paper ribbon.
  • The head of the arrow cuts diagonally across the slide, creating a dynamic look.
  • There are textual elements above and below the title, in a lighter blue color, suggesting secondary information or perhaps a subtitle and a reference.

The overall look is professional and focused, with the slide designed to emphasize the title effectively without visual distractions. The directional arrow could symbolically signify forward movement, progress, or pointing towards the next topic or section.

Use Cases

  • Introducing a new section in a business presentation dedicated to data visualization and reporting strategies.
  • Kick-starting a workshop or training session on how to create effective dashboards and choose the right chart types for different datasets.
  • Beginning a discussion during a conference or seminar about trends in data presentation and the importance of choosing the right visualization tools.
  • Setting the stage for a product demonstration or software tutorial that includes a module on dashboard customization and data analytics.

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