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Dashboards Icons Set – Charts and Data
from deck Dashboard Layouts for Executive Data Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Dashboards Icons Set – Charts and Data

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Dashboards Icons Set – Charts and Data," indicating a collection of iconography related to data visualization tools commonly found in dashboards, such as Linear Chart (typically used for showing trends over time), Pie Chart (for displaying part-to-whole relationships), Gauge (often represents progress or performance), Bar Chart (compares different groups), Column Chart (similar to bar charts, with vertical bars), Dashboard (an overview of various metrics), Funnel Charts (used for depicting sales process stages), Radial Chart (to depict data in a circular manner), and Status icons (indicating the status of a task or process). Each concept helps in the graphical representation of data for easy understanding.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and professional design with a dark turquoise header at the top containing the slide title in white text.
  • The background of the slide is white, providing a stark contrast against the icon graphics.
  • There are three rows of icons, each depicting different types of charts and data visualizations.
  • The icons are outlined in a light gray color, evenly spaced and aligned in a grid layout.
  • The first row features icons for a Linear Chart, Pie Chart, Gauge, and Bar Chart.
  • The second row has icons for a Column Chart, Dashboard, Funnel Chart, and Radial Chart.
  • The third row displays a single icon for Status inside a light blue circle, positioned slightly off-center to the right.
  • At the bottom right, there is a blue rectangle with a note about more icons available on a website, given in white text.

The overall look of the slide is minimalistic and emphasizes clarity, with a focus on the icons. It has a modern and clean aesthetic, suitable for a professional presentation to communicate information quickly.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating various types of data visualizations during a workshop on data analysis techniques.
  • Selecting icons to use when creating digital dashboards for business intelligence software presentations.
  • Enhancing slides in a sales pitch, where each icon represents a stage in customer conversion metrics.
  • Utilizing in training materials for new employees to familiarize them with the different types of data visualization tools used in company reports.

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