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Diagonal two-sided list for 6 elements with long description
from deck Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)


Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide seemingly illustrates a series of steps or options, with each step distinguished by a different color and having placeholder text that suggests customization. The placeholders labeled as "Your sample text here" imply that the slide is meant to be tailored by the presenter to fit the specific content, possibly to show the progression of a process, outline multiple scenarios or options, or to display categorized information for clear communication.

Graphical Look

  • A large centrally placed dark gray banner with angled edges, diagonally overlaying colored blocks and bearing the title "SAMPLE TEXT HERE" in white, uppercase letters.
  • Four colored blocks are arranged in the background behind the central gray banner. Each block is a different color (orange, green, blue, and purple) and is also angled to complement the central banner's direction.
  • Text placeholders on each color block vary slightly in position but generally align to the lower-left corner of each block, formatted in white uppercase lettering to ensure readability against the vibrant backgrounds.
  • The design itself is abstract with a modern and dynamic tilt effect created by both the angled shapes and the contrasting colors.

The overall layout is sleek and vibrant, with the use of geometric shapes and contrasting colors to create a sense of movement or progression. This slide evokes a feel of dynamism and has been designed for high visual impact.

Use Cases

  • Presenting different phases of a project or workflow in a business presentation, with each color representing a distinct phase.
  • Outlining various strategic options or scenarios during a management meeting, allowing for a visual differentiation between each.
  • Demonstrating product or feature categories in a marketing presentation to quickly convey distinct offerings or benefits.
  • Summarizing key points or takeaways from a discussion or research, providing a visually engaging recap.

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