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Editing Outline Icons of Annual Report in PowerPoint
from deck Annual Report Company Performance Presentation (PPT Template)

Editing Outline Icons of Annual Report in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide provides tips on editing outline icons in PowerPoint specifically for annual reports. It emphasizes the ease of changing the color of an icon's outline, suggesting this as something to do. In contrast, it advises against filling the outline icons with color and warns that using too thick a line will make the icon unreadable. These best practices can help maintain clarity and effectiveness in visual communication within reports.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • The title is in the upper left with a dark teal left-border accent.
  • Two contrastingly colored speech bubble shapes are aligned horizontally near the top – a teal one with the word "Do" and a red one with the word "Don't."
  • Below each speech bubble are examples of icons and the corresponding do's and don'ts.
  • The "Do" section displays two series of three outline icons (a bag of money, a chart, and a graph) with two different customizations: one demonstrates a color change, and the other a change in line weight.
  • The "Don't" section illustrates two incorrect practices, where icons either have color fills or excessively thick outlines.
  • Subtext explaining each instance under the icons is readable and direct, with additional illustrative screenshots of PowerPoint tool options for editing outlines.
  • A consistent color scheme is used throughout, with emphasis colors (teal and orange) that relate to the commands or effects mentioned in the text.

The overall look of the slide is clean and instructional with visually coordinated elements that clearly convey the recommended practices and mistakes to avoid when editing icons.

Use Cases

  • Training for new employees on company presentation standards.
  • Workshops on improving visual communication in reporting.
  • Internal guidelines during annual report preparation.
  • Template design sessions for creating company-specific PowerPoint resources.

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