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Editing Outline Icon's Size in PowerPoint
from deck Business Concepts PowerPoint Icons with Naming (PPT outline symbols)

Editing Outline Icon's Size in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide instructs on the proper and improper methods for resizing an outline icon in PowerPoint. The "Do" section suggests selecting the icon and clicking on one of the corners, then moving the mouse outward or inward to resize the icon; this ensures the icon remains proportionate. The "Don't" section warns against selecting a side of the icon and resizing it, which will distort the icon; this results in a skewed or stretched appearance, impacting the visual consistency of the presentation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a title at the top in a large, bold font.
  • A divided blue teardrop shape on the left with white text inside it presents the "Do" instruction.
  • A similar red teardrop shape on the right side with white text gives the "Don't" instruction.
  • Two sets of three icons demonstrate correct and incorrect resizing; the correct method shows a green check and outward arrows, while the incorrect method displays red crosses with lateral arrows.
  • Arrows between the icon sets visually indicate the transformation from original to resized icon.
  • The text within the shapes is concise and contrasts well with the background for readability.

The slide features a clear and straightforward design, with contrasting colors to differentiate between correct and incorrect actions. The graphical elements are simple yet effectively convey the message through visual example and minimal text.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a tutorial or workshop on PowerPoint skills.
  • Including in a guidebook for company-wide presentation standards.
  • Using during onboarding sessions to train new employees on presentation software.
  • Incorporating in a technical manual for design teams to maintain uniformity in document formatting.

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