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Follow up on Monthly Goals and Achievements Presentation
from deck Monthly Business Report with Financial Performance Review (PowerPoint Template)

Follow up on Monthly Goals and Achievements Presentation

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Follow up on Monthly Goals and Achievements Presentation" features a 4 OKR (Objectives and Key Results) template designed to track monthly objectives with specifications and status. There are four sections, each labeled "1 Objective" through "4 Objective," which offer placeholders for detailed descriptions and key results that signify achievements tied to these objectives. Below each objective is a 'Status' bar that likely serves to visually represent the progress or completion level for that particular goal.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a light grid pattern.
  • The title is at the top of the slide in a large blue font.
  • Four three-dimensional boxes with a folded appearance are arrayed horizontally across the slide, each representing an objective.
  • Each box is shaded differently, with the first in a darker blue and the subsequent boxes in progressively lighter shades.
  • Within each box, there is a placeholder heading for an objective number, followed by editable text for a description and key results.
  • Key results are listed in bullet-point format within each box.
  • At the bottom of each box, there is a 'Status' banner that is visually connected to the box itself; this could be used to show the progress of each objective.
  • Small line icons are used as bullet points next to the "Key Results" text.
  • Each section of the slide is clearly divided by these visually distinct boxes enabling an easy review of objectives and their respective statuses.

The slide has a professional look with a clear structure that uses color gradients to distinguish between different objectives. The 3D style of the objective boxes adds depth and focus to the presentation content.

Use Cases

  • In project management meetings to review the progress of objectives for the month.
  • During team meetings to communicate and update team members on set goals and their current statuses.
  • In personal reviews with managers and employees to discuss individual contributions to monthly goals.
  • To use in a performance review to summarize and discuss an employee's monthly achievements in alignment with their objectives.

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