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Four Columns Dashboard Layout, 4 KPIs Comparison
from deck Dashboard Layouts for Executive Data Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Four Columns Dashboard Layout, 4 KPIs Comparison

Slide Content

The slide titled "Four Columns Dashboard Layout, 4 KPIs Comparison" shows key financial indicators and a performance dashboard with objective status gauges. There are four gauges representing different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), each showing a percentage completion or achievement. Underneath each KPI gauge are corresponding factors, displayed through different types of charts that support the data represented in the gauges above them.

  • Objective KPI 1: A gauge indicating 15% achievement. This suggests that the first objective has a low level of completion.
  • Objective KPI 2: Shows a 50% completion rate, indicating that this objective is halfway to being achieved.
  • Objective KPI 3: At 75%, this gauge shows a high level of achievement, suggesting that the target is near completion.
  • Objective KPI 4: Indicates a 25% completion rate, representational of an objective that is in the early stages of being addressed.
  • Factor 1 - Factor 4: Each factor corresponds to its respective KPI and is depicted by various charts such as bar graphs and donut charts, providing deeper insights into each objective.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is divided into four columns, each column representing a different KPI.
  • Four semi-circular gauges indicate the percentage of KPIs' completion status in shades of blue and gray.
  • The completion percentage for each KPI is displayed in large font in the center of each gauge.
  • Underneath each gauge, there's a corresponding factor label and a visual chart related to the KPI.
  • Bar charts and a donut chart are used to provide detailed analysis for each factor.
  • The color palette for the charts includes shades of blue, orange, and gray.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a focus on data visualization. The color scheme is consistent and utilizes shades that are easy on the eyes, enhancing readability and focus on key information.

Use Cases

  • To present performance metrics during a business or financial review meeting.
  • For visual status updates on project progress to stakeholders.
  • As part of a dashboard in a strategic planning presentation to highlight progress toward organizational goals.
  • For comparing quantitative data between different business units or products in a corporate setting.

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