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Gridlines to Easy Work with Columns
from deck Company Snapshot One Pager Leaflet (PowerPoint Template)

Gridlines to Easy Work with Columns

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Gridlines to Easy Work with Columns" showcases a feature in the software that allows designers to use gridlines to align text and objects, thus enhancing the design's overall appearance and readability. By pressing "Alt + F9", users can show or hide these guidelines, which serve as a visual aid for placing elements on the slide effectively. Each column on the slide is accompanied by placeholder text that indicates where to write an introduction, headers, and additional descriptions, while also providing a designated area for a company logo.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is in large, bold text at the top.
  • A blue, partly transparent text box on the left contains instructional text about gridlines.
  • Three columns with varying backgrounds, simulating pages, display dotted gridlines and example text.
  • The first column mimics a blue, translucent page with white and yellow dotted gridlines and a darker header section.
  • The second column appears as a white opaque page with blue dotted gridlines, incorporating a blue header and footer.
  • The third column resembles a gradient blue to white page with blue dotted gridlines, a blue header, and a green cogwheel icon with two text placeholders.
  • A mock "Your logo" placeholder is presented in the top right corner of the third column.
  • Blue, green, and yellow are the primary colors used for text and icon highlights.

The slide utilizes a clean and professional design, with a focus on visual aids for design alignment. The contrasting backgrounds of the columns, along with color-coordinated gridlines and text, make the template both informative and visually appealing.

Use Cases

  • Educating employees about using gridlines to improve the layout of their presentations.
  • Template for design teams to showcase how to structure content within presentations.
  • Guideline for marketing teams to create consistently formatted slide decks for brand presentations.
  • Training material for workshops on effective PowerPoint design techniques.

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