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Growth Strategy Outline Icons Set – General Concepts
from deck Business Growth Strategy Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

Growth Strategy Outline Icons Set – General Concepts

Slide Content

The slide features a collection of icons that represent various general concepts related to a growth strategy. These icons include 'Quality' represented by a star, 'Acquisition' by a chat bubble with a star, 'Goal' with a target, 'Challenge' by a mountain peak, 'Achievement' with a medal, 'Leader' by a podium and a figure, 'Medal' as a ribboned award, 'Sign' with directional arrows, 'Direction' as a compass, 'Bomb' implying risk, 'Risk' with two crossed bones beneath a circle, 'Control' depicted by sliders, 'Settings' with gears, 'Calendar' for time or period, 'Land' with landscape, 'Environment' as a tree and factory, 'Law' showcased by scales of justice, 'Equality' with equal scales, 'Government' symbolized by a government building, 'Idea' with a lightbulb, 'Mechanism' by gears, and 'Work' by a wrench and screwdriver.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided into two parts: a light grey upper part and a dark blue lower part with a rising curve at the transition.
  • The slide title is presented at the top in bold font, with a tagline underneath providing keywords for each icon.
  • A total of 18 outline-style icons are arrayed in three rows and six columns.
  • Each icon is labeled with a term describing the concept it represents; text labels are located directly beneath each icon.
  • The icons vary from simple shapes like stars and circles to more detailed representations like trees and government buildings.
  • The colors of the icons and text are uniform, using dark grey on the light grey background, and white on the darker blue background.
  • One icon (scales of justice) is highlighted by being placed in a white circle with a light blue background, emphasizing its importance or relevance.

The overall The overall appearance of the slide is clean and organized, with a focus on simplicity and ease of understanding. The color contrast between the icons and the dual-color background creates a distinct separation and draws attention to the individual elements.

Use Cases

  • For strategic business presentations to visually convey key components of a growth strategy.
  • In workshops or training sessions to discuss general concepts related to business development and risk management.
  • During planning meetings to illustrate and touch on various aspects of project management, leadership, or organizational change.
  • As part of an educational module explaining fundamental business or management concepts through visual aids.

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