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House Sale Floor Plan Presentation Template With Rooms Layout Sketch and Area Data Placeholder
from deck Real Estate Property Presentation (PPT Template)

Floor Plans

Slide Content

The slide shows a floor plan labeled "First Floor" illustrating an architectural layout. The plan includes named rooms such as "Bed" with an area of 5.8m² and "Wohnen" at 16.3m². "Schlafen" is another room at 14.8m². There is a room size indicator stating "102 m²" suggesting the total area of the first floor. Each room label includes dimensions, giving clarity to the spatial distribution and size of the floor plan.

Graphical Look

  • A prominent blue header spans the top of the slide, featuring the slide title "Floor Plans" aligned to the left.
  • To the top right, within the blue header, there's a placeholder for a "Company Logo," currently represented by a star icon.
  • Adjacent to the company logo, a circular orange graphic displays "102 m²," presumably indicating the floor area.
  • Below the header, the bulk of the slide is dominated by a detailed black and white floor plan drawing.
  • Room details, such as "Bed" and "Wohnen," are indicated with text labels, and the areas in square meters are also noted.
  • The slide's background consists of a lighter shade with architectural blueprint-like elements subtly visible.
  • A dark blue footer stretches across the bottom of the slide, balancing the color of the top header.
  • The lower right corner contains a subtitle "First Floor" set within the footer, giving context to the diagram above.

The slide has a clean, professional appearance, with a monochromatic color scheme complemented by subtle touches of color from the header and the area indicator. The detailed blueprint serves as the focal point, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the floor layout.

Use Cases

  • Presenting architectural designs or building plans to clients, contractors, or stakeholders during meetings.
  • Showcasing real estate properties and floor layouts to potential buyers in sales presentations or open house events.
  • Illustrating the flow and function of a space during interior design consultations or planning sessions.
  • Discussing space management, facilities planning, or renovations within organizations or during conferences.

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