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How to Use & Edit Supply Chain PPT Graphics
from deck Supply Chain and Logistics Process Diagrams (PPT Template and Icons)

How to Use & Edit Supply Chain PPT Graphics

Slide Content

The slide is titled "How to Use & Edit Supply Chain PPT Graphics." This slide likely serves as an introductory or instructional slide, explaining to the audience how to customize and utilize graphics within a presentation specifically designed for supply chain-related content.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • The title is featured prominently in dark teal text within a light teal banner that has a tapered ribbon design, extending from the left edge of the slide to the right.
  • A shadow effect is applied beneath the ribbon, creating a sense of depth.
  • The website link, "," is embedded within the ribbon design in the upper right, matching the color of the background, hence less visible.
  • The font of the title is bold and capitalized, ensuring readability.

The slide presents a clean and professional design with a simple color scheme that draws attention to the title. The shadow effect adds a subtle three-dimensional aspect to the otherwise flat visual.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an instructional segment in a workshop on how to create or modify supply chain presentations.
  • Kickstarting a section in a corporate training program, focusing on visual communication for supply chain management.
  • Introducing a tutorial during a supply chain strategy session demonstrating the customization of presentation materials.
  • Setting the stage for an academic lecture on supply chain visualization techniques in PowerPoint.

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