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How to use & edit these PPT graphics
from deck Creative Tables Graphics (PPT template)

How to use & edit these PPT graphics

Slide Content:

The slide is intended to guide users on how to utilize and modify PowerPoint graphics. It appears to be a part of an instructional series or a template that could help individuals become more proficient in customizing their presentations with graphical elements. The slide might contain more specific information in subsequent sections or explain the tools and techniques for editing the graphics within PowerPoint.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is a light shade of teal with a simple, clean design.
  • A darker teal ribbon banner spans the slide horizontally, creating a visual focal point.
  • The banner has a cut-out effect on the left side and comes to a pointed banner shape at the right side.
  • The title text "How to use & edit these PPT graphics" is center-aligned within the darker teal banner, using bold white font for high contrast and readability.
  • Below the banner, there is a website address "" aligned to the right, suggesting a source or a reference for additional resources.
  • The website address is displayed in a smaller, lighter font, and its color merges with the slide's background for a subtler presence.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional with a distinctive color scheme that aids in highlighting the slide's title. The design is minimalistic, with a clear focus on the text within the banner.

Use Cases:

  • As a tutorial slide in a workshop on enhancing PowerPoint presentation skills.
  • Within a company's training module for new employees to get acquainted with branded presentation templates.
  • In a webinar focused on design tips and tricks for creating impactful PowerPoint presentations.
  • As part of an educational course teaching students about effective visual communication using presentation software.

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