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HR Outline Icons Set — Administration
from deck Payroll, Compensation, HR Admin Process Diagrams (PPT Template)

HR Outline Icons Set — Administration

Slide Content

The slide features a collection of icons related to HR and administrative themes. Key icons include balance scales representing justice or fairness, a rocket for launch or start-up concepts, and a diverse group of figures symbolizing diversity and inclusion. Other icons like a document, scroll, and calendar are connected to record-keeping and planning processes. Safety is depicted by a warning sign and exclamation mark, while a statute and speech bubbles may refer to legal aspects and communication within HR contexts.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dominant dark blue background with a contrasting yellow-gold banner at the top right corner.
  • An array of outline icons is displayed in two rows, each icon evenly spaced and centrally aligned in its own grid.
  • Icons are designed with simplicity, featuring a light gray stroke color for easy visibility against the dark background.
  • A single highlighted icon with a gold background and white stroke stands out at the bottom center, drawing attention.
  • Text elements are predominantly white, providing a stark contrast to the background, with the exception of the yellow banner which contains black text.
  • Typography is clean and sans-serif, contributing to the overall modern and professional aesthetic.
  • The composition is balanced, with visual anchors in the corners provided by text elements and a set of three icons with a colored background in the top right and bottom center.

The slide's design is minimalistic and professional, using color contrasts and spatial distribution to ensure that each icon is distinguishable and the overall message is clearly conveyed.

Use Cases

  • An HR presentation to illustrate different aspects of HR functions, like planning, diversity, and legal matters.
  • In company training sessions to introduce employees to various HR policies and administrative procedures.
  • To visually enhance sections of a corporate handbook or guidelines document distributed to staff.
  • During executive meetings to discuss the implementation of new administrative systems or HR platforms.

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