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HR Outline Icons Set — Payroll

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of icons related to payroll and human resources management. These icons represent various aspects of financial transactions and employee compensation. The categories covered include Finance, Money, Bills, Banknotes, Salary, Income, Compensation, Bill with Scissors (indicating cost reduction or budget adjustments), Cutting Money (related to taxes or deductions), Taxes, Deduction, Money on Hand, Pay, Plus on Hand (which might symbolize bonuses or additional compensation), Bonus, Merit, Profit, Incentive, Benefits, Wallet (personal finance), Document, Table, Payout, Payslip, and Invoice. These payroll-related concepts are crucial for understanding and managing employee payments, tax obligations, and financial records.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background with a contrasting golden yellow corner ribbon on the top right-hand side which contains the text "Fully editable icons."
  • Eight icons are arranged in two rows of four; each icon is a simple, outlined vector graphic that conveys a concept related to payroll such as money, transactions, or documents.
  • Every icon is evenly spaced and aligned, providing a grid-like structure and balance to the visual layout.
  • Icons include depictions of currency notes, cost-cutting symbols, wallets, and documents to visually represent the financial terms listed in the slide content.
  • The bottom segment of the slide features a lighter blue rectangle with the words "More icons available. Check our website" above a web address.
  • The graphics have a sleek, professional style with minimalist lines and a modern aesthetic.

The slide’s design is clean and professional, with a strong contrast between the navy blue backdrop and the lighter icons. The use of space and the consistent style of the icons together create a visually attractive and easily digestible presentation of complex concepts.

Use Cases

  • To introduce an HR training module on payroll processes and guidelines.
  • During a business meeting to discuss the financial aspects of employee compensation and payroll management.
  • As a visual aid in financial presentations to explain the various components of payroll.
  • To visually enhance sections of a report or document that addresses fiscal policies and compensation strategies within an organization.

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