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HR, Recruitment, Personal ID Icons
from deck Outline Business Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)

HR, Recruitment, Personal ID Icons

Slide Content: The PowerPoint slide titled "HR, Recruitment, Personal ID Icons" appears to be part of a business presentation. It includes a range of icons that are commonly associated with human resources, recruitment, and personal identification. The icons serve as a visual shorthand for concepts like profiles, CVs, skill sets, human resources practices, personal development, candidates, resumes, target groups, sales avatars, personas, character positions, identification, and descriptions. Each icon seemingly represents a different HR concept, such as an HR department, protective measures in HR, resumes, unfilled positions, and so on.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide has a clean and modern look with a monochromatic color scheme.
  • There are eight icons aligned in two rows, evenly spaced.
  • Each icon is placed within a circle, except for two on the far right which have a different background shape.
  • The icons are all variations of turquoise, except for the two on the right which are white with different colored backgrounds.
  • The icons themselves depict various HR and recruitment related images, such as the letters "HR", an umbrella over "HR", an ID badge, a laptop with a resume on the screen, a person's silhouette, two people's silhouettes with one faded, a figure with a question mark, and a checkmark next to a figure.
  • The slide is divided into two sections by color; the left part where the icons are turquoise on white, and the right part with icons suitable for dark backgrounds.
  • Textual content is minimal apart from the slide title and a subtitle describing the icons' themes.

The overall look of the slide is professional and stylish, designed to convey information at a glance with its simple and intuitive icons. These visual elements facilitate quick comprehension and are versatile for various presentation contexts.

Use Cases:

  • In HR presentations to illustrate different roles and functions within the department.
  • During recruitment training to visually represent the stages of therecruitment process or elements involved in candidate evaluation.
  • As part of an orientation or onboarding session to introduce new hires to the HR-related protocols and resources.
  • To visually enhance sections of a corporate document or digital content that covers company HR policies, employee development programs, or job opening descriptions.

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