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Icons: Hand-drawn Accomplishment Signs
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Icons: Hand-drawn Accomplishment Signs

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Icons: Hand-drawn Accomplishment Signs" depicts a collection of various colorful, sketch-like icons that convey different statuses and notifications such as warning, approval, caution, achievement, and inquiry. These include symbols like a check mark (signifying completion or approval), a cross mark (indicating denial or error), a question mark (representing inquiry or uncertainty), and an exclamation mark (connoting importance or alert). The slide emphasizes that the icons are fully editable, which suggests that users can modify aspects like filling, shadow, and outline.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and uncluttered canvas for the icons.
  • There are eleven hand-drawn style icons, each contained within its own circle.
  • The icons feature a rough sketch appearance, with noticeable sketch lines and coloring outside the lines.
  • Each icon has a unique color, including shades of green, orange, blue, and red.
  • Two text boxes with phrases "Fully editable" and "Editable filling, shadow, outline..." are placed to the left and below the icons, respectively.
  • The text boxes have a ribbon banner design, with a flat, modern aesthetic and contrasting text colors.
  • The icons and texts have subtle drop shadows, adding a slight depth to the flat design.

The slide has a playful and approachable aesthetic, with colorful, friendly icons that would appeal to a wide audience. The hand-drawn effect of the icons adds a personal, informal touch to the professional setting of a PowerPoint presentation.

Use Cases

  • Utilize this slide in team meetings to discuss project statuses, using the icons to visually represent completed tasks, pending questions, or issues.
  • Incorporate into progress reports in project management presentations, assigning different accomplishment signs to various milestones.
  • Employ as part of an interactive workshop or training presentation, facilitating discussion and feedback using these visual cues .
  • Integrate into educational materials to create engaging, visually-guided content that helps to explain concepts related to achievements, warnings, and actions required.

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