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Internal Key Growth Drivers Comparison
from deck Business Growth Strategy Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

Internal Key Growth Drivers Comparison

Slide Content

This slide compares internal key growth drivers across four categories: Existing Customers, New Customers, New Channels, and Modernization. For Existing Customers, strategies include increasing frequency, scale, and average price, as well as retention or customer relationship management (CRM), suggesting ways to deepen relationships with current clientele. Under New Customers, the focus is on reaching new target markets, offering new products, and exploring new sectors, indicating expansion into untapped markets. For New Channels, there's an emphasis on acquiring channel partners, integrating vertically and horizontally, and expanding online, which points to diversification of sales and distribution platforms. Lastly, Modernization targets improvements in processes, technology adoption, economies of scale, and innovative business models as ways to streamline and update the business structure and offerings.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with four main colored shapes representing different growth drivers.
  • Each growth driver is symbolized by a distinct icon inside a cloud-shaped table on a colored background: blue for "Existing Customers," light blue for "New Customers," darker blue for "New Channels," and green for "Modernization."
  • Text within each colored shape describes strategies for growth, such as "Increase Frequency," "New Target Markets," "Channel Partners," and "Process."
  • Horizontal blue lines separate each item within the growth driver categories.
  • The elements are arranged in a grid pattern, with each category occupying an equal amount of space.

The slide has a clean and modern feel, with a structured layout that aids in comparison across different categories. Its visual hierarchy is clear, which makes it easy to follow and understand the content.

Use Cases

  • To present a strategic plan for business growth during executive management meetings or board presentations.
  • As a slide in a marketing strategy pitch to highlight how to address different market segments.
  • In training sessions to explain various aspects of business development to new employees.
  • During investor meetings to showcase how the company plans to expand and drive organic growth through diversified initiatives.

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