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Financial Decks

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Key Budget Assumptions

Slide Content

The slide title is "Key Budget Assumptions," followed by a subtitle noting it involves financial projections, macro framework analysis, revenue, and expenditure. It's divided into three sections: "Macro Framework," "Revenue," and "Expenditure." Each section contains a placeholder for additional text and an example point: the Macro Framework cites an "FX rate EUR/PLN = 4,6," possibly a currency exchange rate; Revenue mentions "L4L growth = 2%," likely referring to like-for-like sales growth; and Expenditure notes "COGS valuation at FIFO principle," which likely means the cost of goods sold is calculated using the First-In, First-Out accounting methodology.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light blue background with darker blue angular shapes at the bottom corners.
  • Each section is visually demarcated with a distinct color-coded header: orange for Macro Framework, lighter blue for Revenue, and darker blue for Expenditure.
  • Flattened three-dimensional chevron shapes are utilized for the headers, creating a sense of depth.
  • Below each header is an icon reflecting the theme of the section: a globe for Macro Framework, money-related symbols (coins and bills) for Revenue, and a sack with a dollar sign for Expenditure.
  • Bullet point lists under each icon provide space for specifics related to those topics, with an example item and ellipses signaling where additional information can be added.

The slide utilizes a professional, clean design with a balanced use of colors and shapes to differentiate between sections. The icons and placeholder text indicate it's a template meant for customization.

Use Cases

  • To present financial assumptions in a business plan or budget proposal.
  • During a board or investor meeting to outline key metrics and projections.
  • In a financial analysis seminar, demonstrating how to evaluate and present different financial components.
  • As a teaching tool in business education settings to explain how macro economic factors, revenue streams, and costs are integrated into financial planning.

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