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Key Contact Persons

Slide Content

The slide lists key contact persons within an organization or team, providing their names, roles, and contact information. Emma is a Project Leader with an email and phone number provided, while Lisa and Martin both hold Public Relations roles with their respective contact details. Rachel is in Support and her contact information is also listed. This visual organizes contact information in a convenient and accessible manner, making it clear who is responsible for specific responsibilities.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a clean, modern design with a white background.
  • Each contact person is represented with a circular portrait encased in a green outline.
  • The title "Key Contact Persons" is prominent at the top right side of the slide.
  • Next to each portrait, there is the person's name in bold text, followed by their role in a smaller font and their contact information.
  • There is a large abstract green shape on the right side of the slide with orange accents.
  • At the bottom right corner of the slide, there's an illustration of a paper airplane inside a speech bubble, which is likely a visual metaphor for communication.

The slide is visually balanced with text and images aligned in a grid-like structure. The color palette consists of green hues with orange accents, which provides visual interest and highlights the contact areas.

Use Cases

  • Introducing key team members during company presentations or team meetings.
  • Providing a contact list in business proposals or project briefs for easy referencing.
  • Serving as an informational slide for new employee orientation to identify crucial points of contact.
  • Incorporating into conference materials or event guides for participants to know whom to contact for assistance.

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