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KPI of Your Project – 3 Elements

Slide Content

The slide presents three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to a project, categorized by Sales Revenue, Product, and Performance. Each indicator has a large central number – "47M," "73%," and "2300," presumably representing monetary value, a percentage, and a count or score, respectively. Below each number, there's a placeholder for a description, implying that more details should be added to contextualize these figures. Accompanying icons suggest the nature of each KPI: a money bag for Sales Revenue, a finger swiping over a digital surface for Product, and a box for Performance.

Graphical Look

  • Three large circles with numbers in bold font: one for "47M," one for "73%," and one for "2300," each inside a separate larger container.
  • Below each number is a line of placeholder text: "Write your description here. This is a place for your text."
  • Each container also contains a simple icon related to the respective KPI: a money bag, a swiping gesture, and a box symbol.
  • The slide background is white, making the blue and grey elements stand out.
  • The three main containers are arranged horizontally across the slide, aligned centrally for a balanced design.

The slide features a clean and minimalistic design with ample whitespace around the elements, creating an uncluttered visual experience. The use of icons aids quick comprehension of the represented KPIs.

Use Cases

  • To present quarterly financial results and sales targets in a corporate settings.
  • For project managers to report on key metrics of project performance during team meetings or board presentations.
  • In marketing presentations to highlight customer engagement or product performance statistics.
  • For startups when pitching to investors to showcase traction with key numerical indicators.

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